How Does Intermittent Fasting Work?

Are you experiencing a weight loss plateau? Maybe you had some strategies that were working for you initially, but now you are not losing weight the way that you want. It happens to all of us. Sometimes you just need a change of pace in your routine to help you lose some weight.

While intermittent fasting is not some trick or hack that will help you shed weight, it is a great method that can ensure you are burning fat at at steady rate. We are going to talk about the basics of intermittent fasting – and what you can expect during the fasting and feeding stages.

What is Intermittent Fasting?

The idea is in the name. Intermittent fasting is that you will spend specific portions of your day fasting. It is not a whole day fast or anything of the sort. You are not depriving yourself of nutrition. You are just limiting your eating window. And the window is fairly flexible.

You can choose to eat meals during two, four or six hours in the day. It is entirely up to you. Some can consume all their necessary calories for the day in two hours, while others need four or six hours. But you do need to spend a significant portion of the day fasting for intermittent fasting to work.

The idea is that you are pushing yourself into a fasting stage, where your body is reliant on the fat stored in it to get energy. That is how you are going to burn more fat. Since your body is not getting any food for so many hours, it will turn to your fat deposits for energy – and you will begin to lose weight at a good rate.

Maintaining Dieting Principles

But you cannot ignore dieting principles during intermittent fasting. That means choosing healthy options. For instance, you could combine keto diet foods with intermittent fasting to good effect. And you must ensure that you are staying within your calorie goals. You must not start eating more calories just because you are intermittent fasting.

How Does the Fasting Stage Work?

A lot of people wonder about what they can and cannot do in the fasting stage. The simple fact is that you cannot eat or drink any calories. So what can you drink while intermittent fasting? You can consume beverages that are no calorie. For instance, you can drink as much water as you want. You can also enjoy no-calorie beverages like coffee or tea. Just ensure that you are consuming those beverages naturally and without adding any milk or sugar.

The good news is that coffee and tea are good for you anyway. Drinking tea for healthy benefits is a big part of other diet plans. And you can use teas like black and green tea effectively in your intermittent fasting plan. Tea gives you energy through caffeine and it will also boost your metabolism!